What to do with pets when people separate or divorce?

One major concern of our clients is who receives a beloved pet upon divorce or separation. Most people consider their dogs, cats, birds, turtles, horses, and hamsters to be one of the family and akin to another "child." However, under Florida law, pets are treated like personal property, just like a sofa or vehicle.

Our firm has worked with couples to fashion schedules, future expense divisions, and debt associated with pets upon divorce or separation. Yes, dog time-sharing schedules are a thing! Some issues that our clients do not consider on their own include who takes a pet while the other person goes on vacation or up north for the summer, who pays for veterinarian bills and medication, or simply who keeps the crate and dog bed.

This is why you need a firm to make sure these issues are hashed out in any settlement agreement.  If you own a pet, you need a personalized approach. Call Bouchard Law, P.A. today at (941) 764-1146.