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Florida Family Law App

Many Florida people must represent themselves in court or in filing a case for domestic relations, divorce, custody, and other family law related cases due to various reasons.

Our firm offers "unbundled" services, such as review of pro se, someone who is not represented by a lawyer, documents and pleadings, informational consultations, and limited appearance for court dates and filings representation, depending on the case. Contact us today for a case evaluation and to see if we can assist you with these services.

There is also an app that can assist you with navigating the court system called Florida Courts Help. This tool was recently created by the Florida Commission on Access to Civil Justice. The app works on Apple and Android devices and offers a spot for people to access Supreme Court approved family law forms, links and content to information for help centers in Florida, instructions for how to proceed with your case, and information regarding low-cost legal services, lawyer referrals, and eligibility criteria.