the question is:

Do you really want a stranger to decide the terms of your divorce settlement or

how much time you spend with your children?

A common misconception about our court system is that it is well-equipped to meet the needs of families in transition in family law cases. More often than not, people who litigate suffer financial hardship, health issues, and stress, among other detrimental side effects.

there is an alternative to litigation.

Collaborative divorce is a private and confidential way to resolve a dissolution of marriage. Each client obtains their own attorney. This attorney should be trained in collaborative practice. The clients agree to exchange information honestly and openly. A neutral facilitator, who may be mental health professional, works to create an environment to resolve issues civilly. The facilitator also drafts a child-centered parenting plan. The clients may also engage a neutral financial professional who gathers and analyzes all the financial information. 

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Why Collaborative?

"The purpose of this part is to create a uniform system of practice for the collaborative law process in this state. It is the policy of this state to encourage the peaceful resolution of disputes and the early resolution of pending litigation through a voluntary settlement process. The collaborative law process is a unique nonadversarial process that preserves a working relationship between the parties and reduces the emotional and financial toll of litigation." Florida Statute Section 61.55.

cost effective

Many litigated family matters lead to ongoing costs that are not manageable for families. By minimizing the impact of conflict, collaborative practice may be a more cost-effective approach to resolving your dispute. Sometimes the dispute may be resolved faster than it would be if litigated.

next step

Contact us for a consultation to see if the collaborative approach could work for your case. We'll discuss your family's needs - both for your children and for your financial future. We'll assist in providing information about other attorneys, mental health professionals and financial professionals trained in this method.