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flat rate divorces

Our firm can assist with “uncontested” type divorces. We prepare all documents including a Marital Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan, if necessary, as well as additional notices required by the Court usually within one week.

First, we meet with the client and review terms of settlement. Florida only allows representation of one of the parties; therefore, we can only provide legal advice to our client. It is unethical for attorneys in Florida to represent both parties; however, we can provide your spouse the documents to fill out and send in to the Clerk of Court.

Once the all documents are signed by the parties, we will file the case with the Clerk. Then, the proposed Judgment is sent in to the Judge after the 20 day statutory timeframe. In many cases, this entire process can be completed in less than a month. 

The cost of these firm services is $1,500.

The Clerk of Court requires a filing fee and sometimes a fee for final judgment issuance ($10.50+); however, amounts depend upon the county. The filing fee ranges usually between $375-425. Additional fees could include a domestic relations order preparation, child support income deduction order preparation, deed preparation, postage and copying fees.

Contact our office for a consultation to determine if you case is uncontested and you can proceed in this route.